About Us

Who we are

SOFIFRAN is a non-profit community organization, created in 2007 by French-speaking immigrant women - living in the Niagara region and originating from various parts of the world. The purpose of the organization is to support women and their families in their process of integration in Niagara by providing services in the social, economic, educational and cultural fields.
With experience, hindsight and field practice, SOFIFRAN members understand the importance, necessity and impact of their actions on local immigration. They always target more support from communities, partners and institutions.


The association aims for the full social, economic, educational and cultural development of Francophone immigrant women from Niagara and their families.


Gather, value, promote, represent and rationally use the skills acquired by French-speaking immigrant women in Niagara and serve as a support for them in the field of social, economic, educational and cultural development, with a view to taking care of themselves and / or their families in charge.

Our Goals

  • Break the isolation of Francophone immigrant women from Niagara and their families through social and cultural activities;
  • Fight against poverty and unemployment among Francophone immigrant women by helping them develop the skills required for employability;
  • Increase their entrepreneurial capacities;
  • Help French-speaking immigrant women acquire organizational autonomy to take good care of their families;
  • Promote the artistic and craft works of Francophone immigrant women and those of members of their families;
  • Organize activities aimed at bringing together the plural Francophone community, on the one hand, and the host community in general, on the other.