In March 2006, seven French-speaking immigrant women living in Niagara, of all origins and religions, met to identify their priority needs. At the end of several meetings, they recognized the urgent need to create a platform to represent them, support them and organize social, cultural, economic and educational activities specific to their community. SOFIFRAN (Solidarité des femmes immigrantes francophones du Niagara) was created on December 11, 2007. Its mission was exclusively aimed at the full social, economic, educational and cultural development of French-speaking immigrant women residing in Niagara.
On December 5, 2010, SOFIFRAN's mission and mandate were extended to the families of Francophone immigrant women in Niagara.

At its 2018 Annual General Meeting. Members voted to change the term “immigrant” to “interconnected” which further expresses the breadth of SOFIFRAN’s collaborations in both Niagara and Ontario.

With the help of its volunteers, SOFIFRAN plans, develops, organizes and carries out projects that meet the real needs of the Francophone immigrant community in Niagara.