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Vous êtes étudiant(e) et vous êtes à la recherche d’un travail d’été. Voici un poste de recherchiste assistant(e) qui pourrait vous convenir. Veuillez adresser votre C.V. à [email protected] au plus tard le 15 juin 2021. Ci-dessous, la description du poste.


Job Opening

Summer Research Assistant


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Summer Research Assistant

Reports to: Executive Director of Partners Worldwide Canada
FLSA Status: Temporary, Full-time, 30 hours per week for 9 weeks


The Summer Research Assistants (SRAs) will be participating in a number of projects that relate to
poverty in Canada and globally, including systemic issues that need to be addressed. The specific focus
for Canada will be new immigrants and communities of colour that are subject to both systemic and
overt discrimination. We will be working along with an organization that provides assistance to
members of such communities, SOFIFRAN. Preference will be given to students who come from those
communities since they will also be able to interact with other participants as insiders and participate in
activities to find solutions. The goal is also to give to our SRAs tools that they can use in their personal
and professional lives. It would also be helpful if the candidate speaks French since we will be including
studies into Haitian and French West African immigrants as part of the project.


– Partners Worldwide Canada is an equal opportunities employer, and these positions are open to all
people between the ages of 18 and 30 (as per CSJ requirements).
– Due to the nature and involvement of the candidates in these targeted community projects,
employment equity action will be used to promote members of those communities to have priority
access to these positions.
– French language (first or second language level) preferred but not required.
– Candidates must be capable of doing research online and via traditional methods.
– Facility of use of Word processing and spreadsheet apps is required.
– Good communication skills –written and oral. Must present themselves well since they will also be interacting with the public.


Employment from July 6 th to Sept 3 rd for 270 hours of employment.
Weekly –4 days, Tuesday to Friday. Normally at least 2 days per week at the office. The remainder is
Daily. 9am to 5pm with normal breaks and lunchtime.

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